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Hang in There...Wherever "There" Is. A riveting new memoir by my friend Nicole Roberge

Hang in There...Wherever "There" Is  
By Nicole Roberge

This compelling and poignant memoir tells about the journey through the disease of Anorexia, the recovery process, and all that comes with it-the hurt, hope and humor. After almost dying from the disease, and being neglected by the doctors, the author sought recovery and spent seven weeks at an inpatient facility. In her powerful story, she digs into the depths of Anorexia and describes how her simple diet and exercise program turned into a horrific eating disorder-one that controlled her life and forced her to go to the gym every day for four hours and reduce her diet to only fruit. After almost suffering from a heart attack and amazed that she was still alive, she knew she had to save herself and get treatment. Today, she is a survivor. By telling her story of the disease and recovery process, she not only educates the reader about eating disorders, but also shares with them a secret world unknown to many, and most importantly, that there is hope and recovery is possible.

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“Roberge portrays the inner workings of a life dealing with disordered
eating in an honest, realistic manner. Her struggle toward recovery and
eventual realization that this is an ongoing journey will provide hope and
validation to any individual dealing with an eating disorder directly.
I will definitely recommend this to my clients interested in doing the hard work it takes to recover from Anorexia Nervosa and/or
-Holly Finley David, MA, RD, CD-N, CDE, Registered Dietician/Eating Disorder Specialist.

“Hang in There” is now available on or get your autographed copy here. New “Hang in There” necklaces available and several events coming up, many during Eating Disorders awareness week in february.  Check the events page!
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Nicole Roberge



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Recovery is possible.

You deserve a healthy and happy life.
You’re not alone.
An eating disorder is not worth it, but you are.
You have a Beautiful Life—it’s time to embrace it.

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