Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nice mention on Art Blog News 9/11 Art

9/11 Art

911 explosion

We never did get a Guernica equivalent for the September 11 attacks. Maybe because we don’t have a Picasso, perhaps because painting just doesn’t matter as much, or possibly because the images themselves are powerful enough. Cartoonists and sculptors did some really good 9/11 art, but painters, not so much.
It’s interesting, that on the anniversary of the September 11 attack we have a Nobel Peace prize winning American president being talked out of war by a so called Russian tyrant. What is it about September that gets the psychopaths of the world all excited about spilling blood?

september elever art
Gregory Hilton – WTC/Mosque Series #1345 – heat transfer on wooden panel.

911 painting
Parker Lanier. I mentioned Parker earlier. See his website here.

eric fischl sculpture
Eric Fischl – Tumbling Woman. I really like this work. See the artist’s website here.
september 11 attacks
Miya Ando – 9/11 sculpture using steel from the building. See the artist’s website here.
911 soft toys
Johnny Ryan – Soft 9/11. I can understand why people would think these plush toys trivialize the September 11 attacks but I think they’re awesome. See the artist’s website here.
september 11 attack painting
12 year old Pearl Newman did this 9/11 work. Love it!
cartoonist peter lewis 911
Peter Lewis – Osama Bin Laden. See the cartoonist’s website here.
Have I missed any really good 9/11 art? See how Pablo Picasso dealt with a crisis. And lets remember building 7 too ;-)

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