Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Joe Taylor: painter, paleontologist and preacher.

Joe Taylor is a new acquaintance of mine in Texas. He owns the Mt. Blanco Fossil Co. in Crosbyton, Texas. Before he became a paleontologist he went to LA to study painting and got a gig painting album cover billboard signs for retail stores like Peaches Records. Joe wants to sell this entire collection which is why I am posting it here. Just trying to help a brother out. Click here for the fossil company website. He does really cool casts of awesome fossils and has books and stuff for sale too. He is NOT a Darwinist and is a very interesting guy. He preaches the word of God at the Crosbyton Primitive Baptist Church

Lots more pictures below

20 - 6’X6’ oil paintings

1 - 4’x4’ oil painting

1 - 12’x24’ oil painting

Includes 2 original album covers designed and painted by Joe Taylor on billboard canvases which were photographed and used for the album cover art.

Related print ads showing when these album covers were released.

A magazine cover of Larry Norman standing beside the painting of his LP cover in Taylor's back yard in Hollywood.

Other related print material and documents of authenticity

Own this rare collection of LP history.  All offers considered.

Contact: Kathy Taylor (806)789-2493

Here are some photos of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Company and some of the things they do:

Website here
124 W. Main St. PO Box 550
Crosbytown, Texas 79322

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