Friday, January 3, 2014

Fantastic memoir about addiction, co-dependence and FREEDOM.

Bluff Island Rescue Service is a fast paced, moving memoir - gorgeously written - that tracks the author's tumultuous childhood into triumph. Set on an island in the St. Lawrence, this writer's voice rings true in a book to rival "Glass Castle." 

Read excerpts of Bluff Island Rescue Service here

Don't miss this year's break-out memoir, "Bluff Island Rescue Service."  Stephanie Hubbard, the author (and award winning documentarian and teacher)  is available for readings & book clubs.

I Dare You To Put It Down!
Uplifting, chilling, funny and humane, Stephanie Hubbard's memoir is a bold, beautiful page turner. Spare, filmic chapters reveal a childhood dominated by a charismatic and narcissistic father whose single-minded self-absorption makes him a danger to his family and an unforgettably compelling character for the reader. Compelling too is young Stephanie's attempts to survive her childhood, win her father's love, mend her broken family and, when grown, to numb her pain with copious amounts of alcohol. Filled with well-observed, searing moments, Bluff Island Rescue Service comes from a place of hard won emotional truth. Better than any book I have ever read, it shows what dysfunction does to a child, how it plants the seed of future dysfunction and how it can be triumphantly overcome. Do not miss this book! 

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