Friday, September 2, 2011

"God Help Us All With All of Our Addictions" C.M Lester, Crofton Ky.

God Help Us All by CM Laster.  12 x 13 1/4.  Paint on metal.   Signed at bottom.  Has a small hole at top for hanging.  After years of personal struggle, CM (Mike) Laster found the healing power of art.  With God's love and continual guidance he follows the path as it is revealed to him.  His subject matter is personal as he shares his own spiritual struggles and open his life up to others.  If he gains a piece of wisdom that he thinks could benefit someone, he shares that.  If he is inspired by a musician or another artist, he makes art about that.  Sometimes he is just being silly and having fun.  But ultimately he makes art about the vision and the message.  The vision is about making his dreams come alive and the message is about love.  Mike makes his art out of whatever materials he can get cheap or free and he experiments with new ways of working all the time.  He has been an artist since he was a child, but only in the last ten years of awakening from addiction and going through several life changing tragedies has he really found his true purpose.  Mike has had several shows over the years including a gallery show in Chicago which included his large scale Elvis Art.  He was made it into Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations on PBS and had a piece included in the traveling exhibit "Coming Home". 

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